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Wine Red" is a translucent color that reveals the wood grain.

Its origins lie in the classic aesthetics of the music industry. Used mainly by Gibson on Les Paul Studio, Custom and Les Paul Deluxe models from the 1970s.

Inspired by the depth and richness of red wine, this shade has become emblematic. A fusion of classic and modern, this color has stood the test of time. From vintage designs to contemporary creations, wine red remains a choice that evokes tradition and style on the music scene.

Important: As this is a translucent color, to achieve the same tone as in the photo, it's important to use the color on mahogany wood or a similar (dark) tone.

Paint your guitar easily with our spray. So that the painting equipment is not an impediment to painting your guitar , at Nitorlack we have developed all our guitar colors in spray format nitrocellulose . You can achieve a professional finish with our entire range of products, from backgrounds and the entire range of colors, up to nitrocellulose lacquer in gloss and matte. How much spray product do I need to buy to paint guitar ? It will depend a lot on the type of wood and the amount of product that is applied for each coat and the desired finish, mirror effect or “open pore”. But in general, to paint a guitar with a medium wood pore, for an electric guitar neck: 2 spray nitrocellulose finish (gloss or matte), for an electric guitar body: 1 spray nitrocellulose background and 3 nitrocellulose finishing spray (gloss or matte), classic or acoustic: 1 background spray nitrocellulose and 4 or 5 nitrocellulose finishing spray (gloss or matte) and Ukulele: 2 nitrocellulose finishing spray. (gloss or matte). If you want to apply any color, between nitrocellulose background and nitrocellulose finish, you should add 1 or 2 spray of the desired guitar color . Spray application tips Shake vigorously for 2 to 5 minutes before applying. It is recommended to apply the spray in thin layers and with an ambient humidity that is as low as possible. Apply with a uniform movement and with a distance of approximately 20 cm. It is important to apply a primer and sand with 400 before applying the spray to achieve a uniform surface before coloring or finishing. Sand between coats and allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours between coats. Apply in ventilated areas. You can buy sandpaper for guitar in our store .

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