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Paint your guitar easily with our spray. So that materials don't get in the way of painting your guitar, at Nitorlack we've developed all our guitar colors in nitrocellulose spray format. You can achieve a professional finish with our entire range of products, from backgrounds and the full range of colors, to nitrocellulose lacquer in gloss and matte. How much spray should I buy to paint a guitar? This depends very much on the type of wood and the amount of product applied for each coat, as well as on the desired finish, mirror effect or "open pore". But in general, to paint a guitar with a medium wood pore, for an electric guitar neck: 2 sprays of nitrocellulose finish (gloss or matte), for an electric guitar body: 1 spray of nitrocellulose primer and 3 sprays of nitrocellulose finish (gloss or matte), classical or acoustic: 1 spray of nitrocellulose primer and 4 or 5 sprays of nitrocellulose finish (gloss or matte) and Ukulele: 2 sprays of nitrocellulose finish. (gloss or matt). If you wish to apply any color between the nitrocellulose base and the nitrocellulose finish, add 1 or 2 sprays of the desired guitar color. Spray application tips Shake vigorously for 2 to 5 minutes before application. We recommend applying the spray in thin layers and with ambient humidity as low as possible. Apply with uniform strokes at a distance of approx. 20 cm. It is important to apply a primer and sand with 400 before applying the spray to obtain a uniform surface before staining or finishing. Sand between coats and allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours between coats. Apply in ventilated areas.

New additive-free formula, similar to that used in Fender and Gibson guitars in the 1960s.

No plasticizers in the formula.
You get a less plastic effect on your guitar's finish, with less elasticity and faster aging than traditional nitrocellulose.
Temperature changes cause cracking on the surface, with much finer, more natural lines than those produced by nitro relics.
It is distinguished from other formulas by its high gloss.

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