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Every musician needs a basic tool kit for setting up and adjusting acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The Fender® Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools® makes it simple with a convenient collection of the most essential and commonly used tools—specifically designed for Fender musical instruments. This kit contains all the basics for most minor...

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The Fender® Speed Slick guitar string cleaner prolongs the life of your instrument’s strings. The simple and effective applicator is a snap to use. The treated applicator pad with our proprietary cleaning solution does all the work for you. Just rub it up and down your strings and wipe away clean with the included wiping cloth. The Fender Speed Slick...

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Ce chiffon de toute première qualité est composé de millions de microfibres qui retiennent et éliminent la saleté, la poussière et la crasse, là où les chiffons en coton classiques à fibres plus épaisses se contentent de pousser la poussière et autres saletés autour de la surface de l'instrument sans la retenir. - Adapté pour les finitions en...

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The Fender® Custom Shop Deluxe Guitar Care System is a convenient package that contains one bottle of each Fender Custom Shop Guitar Care product: Cleaner, Polish, Quick Clean and Fingerboard Remedy. Fender Custom Shop polishes and waxes are high-grade carnauba formulations containing no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol. Our polishes...

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Big Bends Nut Sauce® Groove Luber™ The concept of Nut Sauce® is simple. Stop the string drag or friction at the nut and string guides. Reduce string breakage at the bridge and saddles by reducing friction and wear from the see-saw action of hard playing, especially with a thick pick. It's no secret that guitar players for years have used pencil lead,...

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Nitorlack Polish & Cleaner est Guitar polish et nettoyant conçu pour l’entretien quotidien de votre guitare et pour nettoyer toutes sortes d’instruments avec toutes sortes de finitions. Améliorez la brillance de votre guitare en créant une microcouche protectrice et résistante. Non toxique Biodégradable PAS de silicone Compatible avec toutes sortes de...

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Guitar maintenance is just as critical to an instrument’s sound and playability as a new set of strings. Clean, smooth frets allow for optimal contact of the strings to your instrument, improving the instrument’s sound and playability. The GHS Fingerboard Care Kit makes it easy to maintain your instrument’s frets and fingerboard. The kit is ideal for all...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items