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This is a pack of two reusable glue applicators. Ever had trouble getting glue into slots and dowel holes. These double-ended silicone rubber applicators solve the problem. The dowel tip allows you to work the glue into the dowel hole. The biscuit tip tapers to a thin flexible flat end allowing you to apply glue into a biscuit slot with ease. These...

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220 volt AC to 9 volt DC, 500 milliamp, center positive power supply.

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A must-have for guitar luthiers! This tool offers a quick & easy way to tighten a loose jack plug on any surface-mounted input! Insert tool into jack & use allen wrench (as shown) to tighten the internal set screw. This gives the holding power needed to tighten the retainer nut, without having to go inside of the instrument! Designed to...

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A must-have for guitar luthiers! This tool makes a breeze of the difficult task of installing instrument pickup jacks! The tool can be fed up through the jack installation hole & out through the sound hole. The jack can then be secured to the tool & pulled back through; to bring the jack into its place.

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Model B winding machine kits are designed to wind coil wire from 38 ga. to 44 gauge or finer. It is a small profile machine fully capable of winding thousands of pickups over its service life. Everything that you need to assemble a fully working Model B winding machine is provided in this pre-drilled easy to assemble kit. Assembly consists mostly of some...

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