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This hot rhythm pickup was designed for the neck position of your instrument commonly used in the Telecaster. The TL4F is the reverse wound compliment to the TL4R having two separate insulated lead wires. You'll love the traditional single coil tone offering a warm neck pickup wound slightly brighter and hotter than the standard vintage Tele neck pickup....

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This beefed up Kent design Tele® bridge pickup transcends the balance between sweet vintage sting and high output punch. Big, snappy low end, striking mids, and crisp high end make this one of the best vintage bridge pickups available today. The stainless steel baseplate redirects and focuses the magnetic field towards the strings so you get excellent...

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Tele® version of the HR1R Strat® pickup, but sized to fit a standard Tele® bridge with no modification to your instrument. 4 conductor wiring allows coil splitting, series/parallel, phase inversion, and more. We suggest pairing this pickup with an HR1RC at the neck (requires one of our modified pickguards and may require neck pocket modification), and a...

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