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As Used on American Standard Precision Bass® Guitars (2012-Present) The Fender Custom Shop has artfully reproduced the classic 1962 Precision Bass split-coil pickup to deliver the full booming lows, punchy midrange and clear high end of the bass that started it all. Tonal Characteristics Enamel-coated magnet wire delivers warm vintage-style tones...

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P-Bass, 4-String, Original Series, Split Coil Pair The original Bartolini design gives you the timeless tone that started it all – full and warm for that vintage voice you’ve been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. These split coil pickups are hum-cancelling, so they are well suited for studio or stage. They have a blade core design, so...

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CREL PICKUPS P.BASS® BLACK Les 2 bobines peuvent s'écarter l'une de l'autre pour s'adapter au logement du micro qui peut varier de quelques mm d'une marque à l'autre. Ce micro est constitué de 2 bobines à barrettes identiques et elles captent largement les cordes 2 par 2. Ce micro a un niveau de sortie élevé. Le son est chaud et rond et il favorise les...

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The DELANO PC 4 HE/M2 is our extended range version of this classic bass pickup. Custom steel blades transmit a balanced magnetic field to the perfectly matched coils, permitting a fuller and tighter bass response and a lively directness throughout the entire spectrum. Sparkling brightness on top of just the right amount of velvety midrange make up for a...

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The DELANO PC series offers a range of different transducer designs in the familiar Precision Bass® pickup shape. They are direct retrofit units and can be installed in any electric bass that is outfitted with a P-bass® style pickup cavity. Since its invention in 1957, the split coil P-Bass® pickup is the proven industry standard of electric bass...

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Looking for a 5-string bass pickup in a P-Bass® that stands really apart from all others? DELANO has it. Since its invention in 1957, the split coil P-Bass® pickup is the proven industry standard of electric bass transducers. Its basic design was not substantially altered visually, but tone-wise, the changes are definitely audible. The PC 5 AL/M2 is our...

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The DELANO PC 5 HE/M2 split coil humbucker stands for enhanced low end and crisp upper brilliance. One pickup half carries the signal of the low- B, E, and A strings while the other half is taking care of the D and G strings, always maintaining full humbucking operation. Meaty dimensional 5-string P-bass® tone with outstanding clarity and dynamics....

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This P-Bass® type pickup is specially engineered to pair up with our The Hybrid 4 pickup. DELANO takes the classic P-Bass® pickup design a major step forward. The big AlNiCo V poles grab all the strings movements with zero loss. Specially engineered for the combination with the TheHybrid 4 pickup, makes up for a bass transducer ready to redefine the word...

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The DELANO PMVC 4 AL/M2 is a split coil humbucker that bridges the gap between the classic P-Bass® pickup and popular modern designs. Two custom wound coils are the heart of it – each with two 9,5mm diameter AlNiCo V magnets. It´s an excellent choice if you are looking for a sound near by the classic P-Bass® with slightly more attack, punchy bass and...

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