Modèles de guitares supportées

Marque Modèle Commentaires Type de carte électronique Boutons Sets de Robotheads Code EAN
Gibson ES-333 NOTE! Early models such as VOS/ Special runs and reissues in this list might have Type "B" (Tuner with bushings approx: 8.5mm!) instead of Type "A" (Tuner with hex nuts/washer approx: 10.00mm)! Please use the Templates to get the right Type. Type A Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020013
Les Paul Junior Double Cut
Les Paul Junior Single Cut
Les Paul Special Double Cut
Les Paul Special Single Cut
Les Paul Special 1998 Humbucker Model
Les Paul Standard
Les Paul Standard Double Cut
Les Paul Studio
Les Paul Studio Plus
Les Paul Traditional
Nighthawk Studio
RD Standard
Custom Shop Billy Gibbons Goldtop Pinstripe
SG Angus Young Signature
SG 3 USA Bigby
SG Special
SG Futura 2014
Memphis ES-335 dot
SG Standard
Hummingbird 50th Anniversary 1960 NOTE! Some of the Hummingbird models e.g. the legendary "Doves in Flight" comes with bigger headstock measurements which are related to our Type "E" oder Type "E1". Make sure to compare the Template to the headstock.Refer to our type "E" templates list. Type B Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020020
Jumbo Southern Aaron Lewis
Jumbo Advanced
Jumbo Advanced Pro
Arlo Guthrie LG 2 3/4
Blues King
Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce
Elvis Costello Limited
Hummingbird New Vintage
Hummingbird True Vintage
Hummingbird Custom KOA
Hummingbird Pro
J-45 Custom
J-45 New Vintage
j-165 EC Rosewood
J-185 New Vintage
J-200 M Trophy ´75th Anniversary
J-45 (except for ´42 Legend)
J-45 ADJ
J-45 Custom Mystic Rosewood
J-45 True Vintage
ES 390 Custom Shop
Jackson Browne Signature
J-45 John Hiatt
Keb´Mo´ Bluesmaster
L 00 Pro (except for ´37 legend)
L-200 Emmlou Harris
Jumbo Advanced Randy Scruggs
Robert Johnson L-1
Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow SJ Special Edition
Songwriter Deluxe
Songwriter Standard
Jumbo Southern
Jumbo Southern New Vintage
Jumbo Southern The Kristofferson
Bluegrass Special
Songwriter Travelling EC
Jumbo Southern Woody Guthrie
John Lennon Peace Type D Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020044
SG Robby Krieger
Les Paul Custom VOS 1954 Type E Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020099
Les Paul Custom 2 Pickup VOS 1957
Les Paul Custom 3 Pickup VOS 1957
Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary 1960
Doves In Flight (Dove inlays on the head stock!)
J-200 Elvis Presley King of Rock (only standard tuner)
ES 345 Lucille
ES 355 Custom Figured Electric Guitar Bourbon Burst
Firebird Custom (acoustic!)
J-200 Custom Koa ´75th Anniversary
J-200 Custom
J-200 New Vintage
J-200 Studio
L7-C Acoustic Archtop
Les Paul Custom Maple
Les Paul Custom Rosewood Maduro
Les Paul Custom/ Custom Shop
Les Paul Supreme
Artist Dove Elvis Presley ???
Les Paul Custom Mick Jones
Montana Gold Flame Maple
Les Paul Custom Peter Frampton
Les Paul Custom Randy Rhoads
SG Custom VOS with Maestro
SG 61 Reissue Satin
SG Deluxe Custom
SG Jeff Tweedy
SJ 200 Standard
SJ-200 Pete Townshend
SJ-200 True Vintage
J-200 Montana
Les Paul Custom Nashville (built before 2012!)
Les Paul Custom Steve Jones
Double Cut Custom Tak Matsumoto Ebony
Les Paul Custom USA Ace Frehley "Budokan"
Les Paul Custom USA Zakk Wylde Vertigo
Western Classic Prewar 200 Unclear! Measurements needed from Waverly model type
L-5 CES VS Gibson Custom Shop
L-5 Wes Montgomery VS Gibson Custom Shop
L-5 Wes Montgomery WR Gibson Custom Shop
L-5 CES N Gibson Custom Shop
Gibson Midtown Custom
Les Paul Custom (1974) 20th Anniversary 1954
L-5 Lee Ritenour
ES-137 Classic Split Diamond Overlay
Byrdland Florentine
SG 70' Tribute
Les Paul Custom Bullseye Zakk Wylde
Les Paul Deluxe 1980
Les Paul Standard "Joe Walsh" Collectors Choice Type B1 Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020228
Les Paul 1959 Vintage
Les Paul Black Beauty 1959 Original built in 1959 Type E1 Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020303
Flying V 67er/84er Model Type V Gibson Tulip Creme
White marbled
3 Bass, 3 treble 4260334020075
Flying V Ltd Edition Tribal
Flying V USA 1968
Explorer 76 Type C2 Fender style Schaller button, chrome 6 Bass 4260334020198
Explorer 84
Explorer Bill Kelliher
Fender Stratocaster Standard US NOTE! early 90th models and Eric Clapton Signature do not fit due to different drill pattern! Type C Fender style Schaller button
6 Bass 4260334020037
Stratocaster Standard Mexico
Stratocaster Standard HSS
Stratocaster American Deluxe HSS
Stratocaster American Special
Stratocaster Vintage Mexico
Stratocaster American Deluxe V-Neck
Stratocaster Classic Players 1960
Stratocaster Lone Star
Stratocaster HH Black Top
Stratocaster Roadhouse
Stratocaster Vintage US
Telecaster Standard Mexico
Telecaster Standard US
Telecaster Cabronita
Telecaster Cabronita Thinline
Kingman V California Series
Kingman USA
Jaguar Johnny Marr
Jaguar Black Top
Stratocaster CS Custom Deluxe USA
Telecaster CS Deluxe USA
Stratocaster CS MN
Telecaster CS Custom Heavy Relic
Telecaster Bigsby
Telecaster CS Bigsby
Telecaster American Deluxe
Telecaster American Special
Telecaster American Standard
Telecaster Blacktop
Telecaster HS Blacktop
Telecaster HH Blacktop
Jazzmaster Classic Player Special Mexico
Drop Top Classic Tom Anderson
Telecaster Deluxe Chris Shiflett
Telecaster Vintage Mexico
Telecaster Vintage US
Telecaster CS Thinline 1950 Type C1 Fender style Schaller button
6 bass 4260334020181
Telecaster CS Butter Scotch 1952
Telecaster Relic 1952
Telecaster Classic Vibe 1960
Telecaster Classic Vibe Butterscotch Blond 1960
Telecaster Thinline Classic Vibe 1960
Telecaster CS Masterbuild 1964
Telecaster CS Paisley Logo 1970
Telecaster TY Yellow
Telecaster Richie Kotzen
Stratocaster CS Fiesta Red 1950
Stratocaster NOS Holoflake 1950
Stratocaster Classic Vibe 1950
Stratocaster CS Tao Turquose 1956
Stratocaster Relic HSS 1957
Stratocaster NOS 1957
Stratocaster CS NOS active 1957
Stratocaster CS Close Classic Masterbuild 1957
Stratocaster CS Hardtail 1957
Stratocaster CS Fiesta Red 1960
Stratocaster Classic Vibe 1960
Stratocaster CS Doutone Relic 1960
Stratocaster CS Heavy R 1962
Stratocaster CS closed classic 1965
Stratocaster Heavy 1968
Stratocaster CS Robert Cray
Telecaster La Cabronita "F" Hole MN
Sonoran SCE
Telecaster Vintage Modified
Jazzmaster Vintage Modified
Mustang Vintage Modified
Jaguar Vintage Modified
Yamaha Pacifica (all models) Type C1 Fender style Schaller button, chrome 6 Bass 4260334020181
A series Type G Fender style Schaller button, chrome 6 Bass 4260334023298
APX series
FG series
Charvel S.D Strat US Type C Fender style Schaller button, chrome 6 Bass 4260334020037
S.D Strat Jap
S.D Tele Jap
S.D Tele US
Taylor GS Mini Type F Fender style Schaller button, chrome 3 Bass, 3 Treble 4260334020037
110 (right handed) Type H Fender style Schaller button, chrome 3 Bass, 3 Treble 4260334020068
210 ce
214 Series
310 ce
314 ce
410 ce
414 ce
414 ce FLTD
514 ce
516 ce
516e FLTD
814 ce
Big Baby
T3 - Serie
T5- Serie
GC (Grand Concert)- Serie
Grand Concert BTO (Build to order)
GS (Grand Symphony) - Serie
Jumbo Custom BTO (Build to order)
GT8 Custom
DN Custom
TF Custom
GO Custom
BigBaby Taylor
T3 Bigsby
Grand Concert BTO Custom
Jumbo 12 BTO Custom
Far-East Models
DN (Dreadnought) - Serie
GA (Grand Auditorium) - Serie
T5z Type H1